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Army National Guard

So many of our youths come straight out of high school and join the army national guard. Now, there are many reasons for doing such a thing. One may be that you want to be involved with the military in some way. Another may concern your college education. Are you looking for some sort of financial aid for your higher education? This is totally cool. It's one of the perks of military service. I knew a guy who went straight into the army national guard simply because he wanted to help defend our country. This is very noble and brave in my book. He actually ended up serving in Iraq after the 911 incident. Does the army national guard or any other branch of the military interest you in some way, shape or form?

I never went into the military. I guess I never really gave it much thought back when I was a kid. The mere thought of a drill sergeant screaming in my face was enough to deter me from digging deeper. However, my eldest brother did enter. It wasn't the army national guard, but the army airborne rangers to be exact. He didn't love this as much as he thought he would, but he's so proud that he served. Later down the road he also took on Special Forces training. Soon enough he was sent to Iraq for a year. I'm not going to lie, I was stoked when he returned home to us unharmed. I think so much of surviving these dangerous situations and environments concerns your personal mindset and determination. Do you have what it takes to be involved in such a powerful unit? Can you put forth what it takes to come out ahead? This is a question you should ask yourself before signing up for the army national guard or any branch of the service for that matter.

I was able to watch a wonderful seminar a week ago on the military. A marine and war veteran spoke on what it takes to serve your country and defend it like a true warrior. I was rather moved by his comments on individuals who strive to raise the bar. I think he made an excellent point when he stated "What do you do in your life for your country, family, and others? Do you do more good than bad? Do you strive to raise the bar?" I think we should all look in the mirror and ask ourselves this once in awhile. As he put it, "If you're doing more bad than good in this world, and not really contributing, then the world really doesn't need you. What are you doing here?" Get online to learn more about the army national guard and other military services.


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