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Average Annual Incomes In The USA

It’s been said that the average person goes through three career changes in their lifetime. When you are considering changing job paths you are probably basing that decision on many factors. Serious thought should be given to how much the annual incomes are of the jobs you are considering. You certainly don’t want to move to a new job that pays less unless you are already financially set. It’s relatively simple to find out how much certain jobs generally pay. This information is readily available on the Internet. There are several websites that gather detailed facts regarding the average annual incomes of specific jobs.

The area you live can also be a contributing factor to how big your paycheck will be. A person living in Manhattan is likely to earn more than someone living in a rural area of the Midwest who is doing the same job. Realizing this has actually been the catalyst for many people to make a move. If you know that the annual incomes for your currently held position are higher in another area, a move just may be in order.

Another thought to bear in mind when you are thinking about a career change is the amount of training involved. Although positions within a new industry may offer you higher annual incomes, you may have to invest a considerable amount of money in school and training. If you are young enough to yield the results of this investment, changing jobs may be a good idea.

When you are doing your research regarding how much money you can earn doing a particular job also examine how viable that job will be in the next few years. Job patterns change overtime and a position that may be in high demand today can be almost obsolete within five years. This is particularly true in technology so it’s wise to investigate related avenues as well.

A great start is to look for positions that are currently available in your field of interest. If there are a lot of companies clamoring for new employees to fill many positions, this will most likely be a lucrative career field with high annual incomes. You can research this by visiting one of the many websites that have employment listings nationwide. Some will require that you pay a fee but the fee is often worthwhile as it provides many job leads in addition to other helpful tips including resume critique services and how to handle yourself during an interview. Your local classifieds will also provide you with information regarding the demand in your own area, so don’t overlook your morning newspaper.




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