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Careers With Animals

There are many jobs for animal lovers. Unfortunately, many of them don't pay very well. I wanted to work at a dog kennel when I was young but the pay was terrible. You can also get a job at riding stables, helping to groom the horses. Some people have set themselves up as dog walkers, walking dogs for owners who are out at work all day. Careers with animals can be very satisfying. If you're prepared to work hard and have an affinity with animals, you could train to be a vet. It takes a long time, longer in fact than becoming a doctor. Alternatively, you could be a vetinary nurse.

There are some jobs that may be upsetting. For example, you may be required to put a dog to sleep as a vet. Animal rescue teams also see some distressing scenes where an animal has been badly treated. You would need the emotional strength to deal with those situations. Some careers with animals will have their ups and downs. Police officers with dogs get very attached to their animals but still remain professional.

I wouldn't be able to work in a circus with animals, as I don't believe they should be allowed. Careers with animals for me should respect the dignity of the animal. I don't agree with wild animals being paraded around and told to do tricks for our entertainment. People forget about the conditions that the animals are kept in when they're on the road or away from public scrutiny. An elephant is a wonderful animal, not a toy to be dressed up in a tutu.

I would also be wary of working in a zoo. I don't believe in those either, unless it's the sort of zoo that operates only to save endangered species. Careers with animals, involving tigers, pandas and the like would be great but only in their natural surroundings. I can't stand to see a big cat pacing up and down a cage, or a bored, lethargic polar bear sitting in a concrete bunker. For me, careers with animals would have to involve helping animals, and not offering them up for cheap entertainment.

The coolest job would be to spend a few months in the wild, filming gorillas or orangutangs. Careers with animals that educate the public and help the conservation of the animal would be very worthwhile. It would be good to have the time to study a wild animal in detail, and get to know their habits and family relationships.


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