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College Course Online

Taking a college course online was the best thing that I have ever decided to do. You see, I was in a strange position a few months ago. I am pretty well educated. I went to undergraduate college, got several degrees, and even spent some time doing postgrad work. Nevertheless, I settled into a comfortable routine and got out of academia entirely. In some ways it was good. I liked living a normal, down to earth life. The problem was that I missed the intellectual stimulation that college classes offered me. Taking a college course online was the only way to get this again. I like to be in an arena where people discuss ideas, and online college courses let me do just that.

A lot of people think that the only reason to take a college course online is to get a distance learning degree. Although there are many distance learning programs that revolve around online college courses, this is not the only reason to take one. A lot of people decide to take  college courses online because they simply love learning. With the busy lives that many of us have, it is hard to keep the self-discipline to keep learning once you've graduated from school.

Taking a college course online as a way to keep your passion for learning alive. I took an online college class in Russian classics, and had a blast. I was reading things that I'd never read before, and I had the opportunity to e-mail back and forth with the professor to discuss them. Because I had a schedule to keep, it kept me actively engaged in learning. I did not have the normal excuses to put off my reading. I had to be doing it every night.

The only drawback to a college course online is that you don't actually get face-to-face discussions. The discussions are done over e-mail, and are often sort of stilted. People want to know just the basics – what they need to know to write papers and take the tests. College courses online are not the same intellectual areas as going to a real university college. Despite this, they do have some decided advantages. They tend to be cheaper, and they are more convenient for professionals without a lot of time. You can usually watch the lectures online at your leisure instead of attending set classes.


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