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Cosmetology School

You know what I always say; college is not the path for everyone. Now, I know what you're thinking. You want your child or children to attend college regardless. I can understand this. After all, I have kids of my own. There is no doubt in my mind that I want them to all be college graduates. However, once they're grown and out of high school, it is no longer up to us. Those life decisions suddenly become theirs. This is not utterly a bad thing. They finally get to act like adults and accept some responsibility for their actions and overall life.

My eldest daughter graduated from high school last year and informed us that she wanted to go immediately to cosmetology school. I wasn't shocked one bit. She had always mentioned cutting and styling hair in the past. This route was probably perfect for her. A couple years down the road she became a hair stylist. Now she loves life and enjoys what she does for a living.

Are you considering cosmetology school by any chance? Hey, don't be discouraged simply because this career doesn't require a 4-year-degree. Those who attend and complete cosmetology school do in fact make money. Maybe more than you initially assumed. I recently spoke with a woman at the local salon/spa. She was cutting my hair and we really got to talking. We discussed all aspects of life and relationships. We even began talking about career paths. I inquired why she chose cosmetology school. She said that she loved doing hair, make-up, nails, massage and the whole shebang. I was impressed by her enthusiasm for the field. She even mentioned that the money was good. Although she didn't care for starting at 20 grand a year, she claimed that it increased rather quickly. It all has to do with building up a cliental. Now she makes 45 grand a year. That's a pretty large increase in pay and she's only been there for three years. Not too bad for a gig that doesn't require a 4-year-degree.

You can research any nearby cosmetology school on the web now days. Get online and see how long it will take you to acquire a decent degree in cosmetology. For many it only takes about a year of classes. That's certainly not bad. This also means that you won't have a great deal to pay back if you resort to loans. Find the best cosmetology school around and get started now.


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