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Creating An Online Resume

Ask anyone who has ever indulged in a job search and the chances are nine out of ten that they will already have an online resume. I’m serious. Ever since computers invaded our personal sphere and manifested themselves as productivity enhancing tools, they have encroached on the world of resumes too. Gone are the days of neatly typed resumes on colored and sometimes even scented paper. Nowadays, it is the era of online resumes.

There is a great deal of convenience to using an online resume. For one thing, there is no need to keep filling up the laborious forms on each and every website on an individual basis. Nowadays, most career websites of leading companies make use of what is known as a form page. This way, they can make you work harder to submit an online resume and free up their human resource departmental staff from processing your resume into an acceptable format. But the disadvantage of this sort of an online resume is that it does precious little to free up your time. If anything, it make you take much longer to submit your resume to multiple websites as opposed to a regular resume that you can just print and mail out.

But talk about conveniences and they are primarily those related to duplication, editing and automated submission. If you ever want to indulge in a little bit of automated submission (resume rabbit would be one good example) you need to have an online resume. Unless you have an online resume, you won’t be able to register for an automated resume submission service, let alone purchase and use one.

Secondly, an online resume gives you a great deal of advantage when it comes to duplicating your resume and submitting it to multiple sources. Not just that, you can also make use of simple add on tools in a regular program like Microsoft Word to enable it to customize your resume. Finally, making a change to an online resume where all your prospective employers land is a whole lot simpler than mailing out a revised resume to thousands of people all over again. If you are the kind who does not maintain a record of all the people you have applied to a job for, then it only makes this a tad more difficult.

If you don’t already have an online resume, it is about time you got one. No matter which stage of your career you are at, an online resume can be a good friend indeed if you decide to or have to look for your next well-paying job.


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