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Diploma Courses

When I decided that I had to go back to school to earn a different degree than the one that I had, I initially discounted diploma courses as something that wouldn’t do me any good. The first career path I had chosen was not working out, and I found that I was getting frustrated. In the end I decided I wanted to do something else altogether, but I didn’t want to spend the money on a four-year degree. Once I decided what I wanted, I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to get another education. I started to reconsider.

I’m glad I did. I took one of the diploma courses I found that would accommodate my full time job and my lack of transportation on the weekends. Many of the diploma courses I found were for nights, and some were for nights and weekends. I found one that I could take four nights a week for a year, and I was soon on my way to a new career. I studied computers and software, and also took a few business type classes. Within a week of graduation, I had a good job and was thankful that I gave it a chance.

In fact, the job I got after going to the college that offers diploma courses was better than anything I had found with my earlier earned Associate degree. Many people discount diploma courses think that they aren’t enough to land a good job, but I have to disagree. It’s not a job one would get with a Bachelor’s in business, but it was a great leaping off point, and it paid the bills. Diplomas aren’t just about high school. They can earn you a job that you love long after you leave high school.

If you are considering diploma courses, I urge you to investigate. If you have a job you hate, and you want to go back to school, this is the way to go. You can earn your degree and get a better job. Then if you wish to expand your new knowledge past the diploma courses, you can then do so with a job that pays you more and won’t be so traumatic. There were times I thought I was stuck in a dead end and low paying job before I took the courses, and now I am glad that I thought enough of myself to go ahead and give myself a chance.


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