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Wow, I tell you; finding a career that truly suits you is one difficult task. For all of you high school seniors out there; good luck to you. I totally understand if most of you have no clue what career path to pursue. The majority of us don't at that young age. Many say they do, but then soon find out that they were wrong. This is no big deal. It just means it's time to try something else. Maybe you wish to attend college. Once you're in and taking basic courses, you can often get a feel for where you want to head next. Then there are the few who absolutely must pursue an entertainment job. I knew a couple of these guys. The best advice I can give you is to keep at it, and always work to improve your game.

What is it with Hollywood? It seems like everyone wants to go there so badly. Is it that great to act in films? You know, it may not be at all what you think. It's certainly prudent to take a few drama classes prior to tackling Tinsel town. Hone your craft before you head to the big auditions. This is the way most huge stars did it. Now, as we all know, getting an entertainment job has a lot to do with connections. Therefore any real connections you can make are great. Make those contacts and mingle with the crowd who's already in there. Get a feel for what's truly going on and how well you can vie in the business. I felt bad for a buddy of mine who pursued an entertainment job diligently, but came up with nothing. He swears it's his image. He looks nothing like the typical handsome leading man. To be completely frank, this will hurt anyone searching for an entertainment job. Well, if it's in acting anyway. Hollywood is always searching for the next talented pretty face. If you're not up-to-par in the image category, you've got a major strike against you.

Although many individuals hit the L.A. scene immediately after high school, I don't really recommend it. Let me propose an alternative idea. Go to a University and acquire a four-year degree in something you enjoy. Once you've achieved your diploma, then head out to Tinsel Town. Spend a year out there, living on savings or with a bartending or waitress gig. See if you can truly acquire that entertainment job you crave.


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