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Today’s work environment is much different than it was even a decade ago. More and more people are opting out of the 9-to-5 world to pursue a career from home. For them the key to their success is finding lucrative freelance opportunities. For someone with a background in writing the Internet can offer up some great leads. Before you start applying for any jobs you should have a few items in place. One is your resume. For a freelancer their resume is a reflection of what they’ve accomplished so far as well as their potential in the future. When you are applying for writing based freelance opportunities, your resume needs to be extremely well-written.

Writing samples are also required when you are advertising yourself as a writer. Some people choose to specialize in only one area of freelance writing. This may be sales writing, public relations or working on website content. If you have a preference for certain types of freelance opportunities, you should focus your writing samples on that one area. You can then apply for freelance opportunities in your area of expertise and have samples ready and waiting when they are requested.

Next comes the most challenging part of the entire process. That’s finding work. Several years ago most of the freelance opportunities were found by sending your resume to companies who employed the services of freelancers. Now it’s become much easier with the Internet. There are many sites that advertise a steady stream of freelance opportunities for writers. Some are fee based while others are free to use.

The sites that charge a fee for membership are often overlooked by writers trying to find jobs. They take the stance that they shouldn’t have to pay to make money. However many of the sites that do charge actually have better leads than their free counterparts do. They also have a better system to ensure payment to the writers once the job is completed.

On many of the free writing focused websites you’ll find opportunities but they will be low paying. For a freelancer, as with any occupation, you are working to make a living, so you need to focus on the bottom line. These types of jobs are great for making money when the better paying jobs are scarce.

Over time as you work more and more you’ll build up a loyal clientele. Much of the success in freelancing comes from your reputation so work hard at keeping it positive and solid. Complete work on time and in a professional manner and before long you’ll probably find yourself with more work than you can handle.




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