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Graphic Design Portfolio - Packaging Counts!

It might sound pretty weird to say, but even if you are showing someone the most beautiful, the most professional, and most perfectly executed works of art, they will still make judgments based largely on your appearance. I speak from experience.  You see, I am a graphic designer, and have always maintained a sort of art students persona.  My graphic design portfolio I carry, or at least I carried, in a ratty leather pouch which was not very much to look at.  As a self-employed graphic designer, I always thought that the difficulty that I could have in finding jobs was as a result of my lack of a large corporate backer, and not of my graphic design portfolio.  I went, after all, to a prestigious graphic design school, I dressed well, and my work was of the best.  What was it that could have been holding me back?

I have a friend, a business major, who always told me that the first thing that business critters look at when they are pondering a graphic designer, is their graphic design portfolios.  I had always thought that this was a ridiculous idea, but times were tough and I was willing to give anything a try.  On a whim, I borrowed the graphic design portfolio of one of my best friends and colleagues, and tried taking it along with me to an interview.  The results astounded me. Just taking that nice leather portfolio along with me did wonders!  I have been using my old graphic design student portfolio for so long that I have no idea how it looked.  Once I had a professional looking graphic design portfolio, people looked at me differently.  They no longer saw me as a students, but as a professional – someone to do business with. That graphic design portfolio changed my life.

This is something that they never teach you in the graphic design schools.  The people who are going to be your clients are not just looking for a good graphic designer, but for someone who looks the part.  In their mind, having a nice graphic designer portfolio is a necessity for any professional designer.  If you're not carrying the requisite graphic design portfolio, they will simply assume that you are an amateur no matter what your qualifications are.  No one wants to lose potential clients because of something that is so easily remedied.  A graphic design portfolio that looks good is such an easy investment, and it will pay off much more than you can imagine.


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