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Green Card Benefits

With the growing problem of illegal immigration and risks of being deported, some people are beginning to recognize their responsibility to follow procedures necessary to legally emigrate. Obtaining a green card helps the United States government manage population growth, while creating a better environment for the immigrant. Green card benefits allow a person full American citizenship, with every right and opportunity this country has to offer. The only exclusion from these benefits is the right to vote, which is allowed after you are a U.S. citizen for five years. 

Since 2004, green cards are only available through an internet website. Before this, applicants had to submit their information and requests through regular mail, often resulting in lost applications and slow transactions. Fortunately, you can now quickly process a  green card application, in almost no time.  If you want to obtain a green card on your own, you're in luck. They are absolutely free and require little paper work. If you want to get one through an agent, it does cost something, but very little.

Green card benefits for immigrants to the United States allow for more social freedom than in any other country. A green card is a form of identification. Without this important documentation in the United states, the illegal immigrant is locked out of essential parts of the American life, drifting between jobs and housing, always in fear of deportation.

Green card benefits give you the same rights to purchasing or renting a house, or applying for a better job. Without proof of citizenship, you face unscrupulous employers who will hire you, but at a much lesser rate of pay than that an American citizen receives. It's unlawful to hire any one who is not a US citizen.

One of the most valuable green card benefits is the opportunity for education sponsorship.  With green card benefits, children are allowed to attend school free of charge and anyone over 18 years of age may submit a request for a grant or paid tuition. A tuition grant will pay for some of your college expenses.

When traveling outside of this country, green card benefits will permanently mark you as a US citizen. You will receive the same treatment and rights (to the extent of the host country's law), as any American citizen would expect.

The United States monitors the number of persons emigrating from each country, so some countries citizens are not eligible. After 50,000 immigrants from an individual country have been recorded in the past five years, the U.S. will no longer allow people from that country to enter the United States.

Green card benefits are one of the most gracious rights the U.S. allows to its people. You will be allowed to apply for school tuition, apply for any job (that you're eligible for) as well as  rent or own housing. You'll be identified as an American wherever you may travel in the world. The best part of this is, the entire process is free!


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