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How To Start A Cleaning Service

In today's uncertain economy, it may be both a tempting and practical idea to come up with some ideas for a small, home based business. After all, your own business allows you to schedule your own work and just possibly make more money than you do on your current job. Running your own business does require a certain amount of bookkeeping and personal responsibility, but it certainly need not be some overwhelming prospect. You can do it. Here's one such idea which can be accomplished gradually, over time, allowing you to transition to a reliable income with more freedom in scheduling your own life: how to start a cleaning service may be one of the easiest home businesses, although it's physically demanding.

No matter what the economy is doing, houses are still being cleaned, and the classifieds attest to the fact that there are people who are willing to pay for this service. Knowing how to start a cleaning service is really all you need to get started.

Your first step is to look in the classifieds and find advertisers. Usually, these are once a week assignments, where they need you to come every Friday afternoon to spruce things up for the weekend. There are holiday assignments for special parties, and sometimes massive cleanups where things have gotten out of hand at their household. Whatever the case, just keep looking until you find someone willing to give you a try. If you don't have references, ask your Mom or sister to attest to your tidiness, thoroughness and reliability.

You'll find that your client typically provides all the cleaning equipment, so you have no up front costs. Your client is, contrary to popular belief, usually quite friendly and grateful to have help with these chores they wouldn't get around to in this lifetime. You have the advantage of having no distractions, like answering the phone or door, or rushing out to pick up the kids or shop for groceries. You can just keep right on your merry way, cleaning until it's done. This is a neat little secret of how to start a cleaning service. Your amazed client will see how much you've accomplished in just a few hours, which, if you've been meticulous in your work, cinches you a favorable reputation.

Another advantage is clients pay you that day, when you're ready to leave. So, when deciding if you want to learn how to start a cleaning service, remember that not much of a commitment is required, beyond doing the best possible job for that client. If you decide it's not your cup of tea, you haven't quit your regular job yet, so you have nothing to lose, and a little to gain, through just one effort. If it works well for you, you'll have a satisfied customer and another reference.

The most important lessons to remember on how to start a cleaning service are to be thorough, reliable and honest. It won't take that long before you have an established business and a full calendar.


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