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How To Write A Cover Letter

A great cover letter is the most important thing when you are applying for a new job. Even more influential than your resume, a cover letter decides whether or not you get an interview. The purpose of the cover letter is for you to introduce yourself, get the employer's attention and tell him or her how you are going to make their life easier. It does not matter if you have the most impressive resume in the stack, if your cover letter lacks luster, you will not get that call you are hoping for.

A poorly written cover letter is the quickest way to get your name dropped off the list of people to be interviewed. If you do not make a strong impression in a handful of paragraphs, why should they spend their time and energy giving you a shot in person? You must get their attention with your cover letter. If you cannot, they will probably not even look at your resume.

Some tips for a strong cover letter include avoiding buzzwords or widely used terms such as "team player" and "self-starter." Employers see the same stuff over and over again and they will toss your application at the first indication of a cookie cutter applicant.

Your cover letter should showcase your strengths as an employee and explain why you would be a unique asset to the company. You should write about your previous work experience and explain how it has made you ready for the position. You should also include what traits or qualifications you will bring to the company that no one else can offer them.

Be careful of how you close your cover letter. It is purely a matter of taste but many employers who sift through piles of applications will be immediately turned off by flowery or overly personal closings. Don't be cute or friendly. This is a job you are applying for - not a new best friend. Also be careful not to come off as too stiff. Avoid closings that sound as though they were manufactured in a law office.

A cover letter can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you doubt that your letter is as perfect as humanly possible, you should consider finding a professional to write one for you. It will be worth the effort and cost. Even if you do not get this interview, a good cover letter will help you get the next one. Hang in there and do not give up. The job search can be a long and difficult one but is a most worthwhile endeavor.


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