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Job Interview Tips

Interviews are never easy and most people find them to be the most stressful thing when looking for employment. Even those who have gone on a number of interviews still find them to be harrowing experiences. However, there are a number of interview tips that can help make your experience less daunting and more successful. Following some simple steps can ensure your preparation and professionalism helping you to secure the job that you’re after.

Firstly, preparation is key for any potential interview with a recruiter. Reviewing the most likely questions you will be asked and making a list of your professional qualities will go a long way. Another interview tip is to reassess your work history and review your career achievements so far. You can use these as examples when employers enquire about your management skills, analytical thinking or problem-solving capabilities.

There are a number of interview tips that can ensure you present yourself as professionally as possible to the recruiter. This may be obvious, but refrain from smoking or chewing gum during the interview, though drinking a glass of water should be fine. Employers will understand if you are a bit nervous, and should give you some time to compose yourself. 

During the interview,other important tips are to try and to try and put a good face forward. Smiling will immediately relax you and project an approachable image to the interviewer; even the tone of your voice will change, and become more upbeat and positive to the listener.

Another of the best interview tips is to understand that how you speak to the employer is as important as what you say to him or her. Speak clearly and concisely. Try not to talk too fast or speed through your work experience. Even if you want to elucidate a point, do not interrupt the interviewer when they are speaking.  It is acceptable to take your time when formulating an answer and pausing to plan what you would like to say next.

Showing respect and a certain degree of formality towards your potential employer are other important interviewing tips. Use the person’s titles, such as Mr and Ms and their last name. Do not assume that you are on a first-name basis with the interviewer unless they explicitly ask you to be.

When you are finished with the interview, take notes about what questions were asked and how you answered them. Remember to thank the interviewer for their time, and make a point of sending a thank-you note or an e-mail that reasserts your interest in the position.

There are many places that you can find further interview tips, including the Internet, your local library, or college career centers. The first thing I do once I have been selected to speak to a potential employer is to trawl through the vast resources of interview tips at my disposal. Research and preparation can go a long way if you are interviewing for your first job or for a long-term career. 


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