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Jobs Without College Degrees

Not everyone looks forward to spending four more years in school after graduating from high school. Some of us are just not comfortable in the classroom. The problem is that many individuals think that they have to go to a four year university to get a decent job. This is not always the case. There are plenty of opportunities to find jobs without college degrees.

Following are five good paying careers that do not require any university study. You may have to go through substantial training or studies but you can get jobs without college degrees in these fields. Some of the careers require an internship or an apprenticeship as well but it’s better than devoting another four years to the classroom.

One of the best jobs without college degrees is the position of sheet metal worker. These guys are also known as tin knockers because they work exclusively with stainless steel and other metals. This is a great career for anyone who has a little bit of an artistic flair as well as good hand-eye coordination.

Training to become a sheet metal worker is not easy. You have to pass an aptitude test and you have to complete many hours of training. After the training period is over you have to finish two years as an apprentice. These jobs without college degrees do require a lot of dedication but the payoff is great. Healthcare, pension plans and overall hourly pay are excellent through the Sheet Metal Workers’ Union.

Many of the jobs without college degrees do require a lot of study and training. Others require nothing more than personality. I worked as a secretary for a company that provided software for hospitals. All of the employees held degrees except for one. Our salesman earned his GED at the age of 20.

Even though this individual never attended a single university class he was one of the highest paid individuals on staff. There was good reason for his excellent salary. He had a base pay plus commission. His hard work paid off and his ability to influence other people is a true talent that no university professor could ever teach.

The professional field of sales is not for everyone but it is one of those careers without degrees that can be extremely lucrative. You just have to be talented in the art of persuasion. There are certain personality traits that make some jobs without college degrees better choices than others. A little research can lead you in the right direction.



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