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Jobs in Medicine

Finding jobs in medicine can be quite overwhelming.  From those that are doctors, to nurses to lab technicians, jobs in medicine are tough to come by in certain fields while available jobs are abundant in others.  While there can be some dry periods in some areas while looking for a particular job, you really cannot go wrong in pursuing jobs in medicine.  It is one overall field that will always need employees and usually has higher than average job growth.

There are many fields within the medical category.  Some of the most in demand include nursing and pharmacy.  Both of these fields have different levels of certification and employability for jobs in medicine.  Nursing certification can be obtained through a two year associates degree, as well as four year Bachelors of Science degrees.  If you are very interested and motivated in the nursing field, you can continue schooling and become a nurse practitioner which has the ability to even write prescriptions in some states.  Many work along with doctors in practices and often take the routine appointments by themselves.  In general, nurses are in great demand and you would generally be able to take your pick of jobs after a few years in the field.

Pharmacy has a few options for jobs in medicine as well.  One can work in a pharmacy as a technician with a two year associates degree, or become a certified pharmacist through a five year program.  If you become a certified pharmacist, you have the option of working in a retail pharmacy or within a hospital.  A hospital position does often require a Master’s degree, and generally offers less money than a retail position.  As a general rule for jobs in medicine, if you choose to work in a hospital or academic setting, your salary will be less than those in retail or private settings.

Jobs in medicine are usually listed through medical job posting services, several of which are available online.  In addition, if you are looking for jobs in a hospital setting positions are often posted through the hospital and can be found by checking with human resources or on their website.  For in demand fields such as nursing and pharmacy, recruiters may call with options as well.  Be sure to compile all of the information, pros and cons, about each position before accepting a position.  Since these jobs in medicine are so in demand, you can often make out quite well in both salary and benefits packages by comparing and bargaining.


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