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Landscaping Jobs

As a college student, I'm always on the lookout for paying gigs that I can take on during school breaks and the longer summer vacations. I want to make good money without having to go through the one- or two-week hiring process that are in place at most companies. By the time my application goes through the system at a typical store in the mall, for example, I've already lost a few weeks of earning power. That's why when a buddy of mine mentioned suggested we get landscaping jobs, I jumped right on it.

Landscaping jobs are perfect for me for several reasons. First, there is work available all year round. From planting flowers and shrubs in spring to cutting grass in the summer, raking leaves in the fall, and clearing away snow in the winter, I knew that I would always have something lined up whenever I had time off from school. Second, I would much rather work outdoors than cooped up in a store or office. With landscaping jobs, I'd be able to enjoy fresh air and get a great workout every single day. And third, I could earn a lot more at landscaping jobs than at retail outlets, restaurants, or other places like that. Since one of my main goals is to make as much money as possible while on break, landscaping jobs fit the bill.

My friend and I had no trouble finding landscaping job leads. The classifieds sections in most newspapers are pretty scant these days, so we went straight to the Internet and looked for websites that listed "help wanted" ads for landscapers in our area. We came across a lot of sites that allowed us to search for targeted leads for both full-time and part-time landscaping jobs. These ads contained all the pertinent information we needed, such as starting wage, working hours, minimum qualifications, and the name and phone number and email address of the hiring manager. All we had to do was submit our resumes for the landscaping jobs that sounded the best. We received a number of responses in a matter of days, and were able to start working soon thereafter.

Sure, landscaping jobs are a lot tougher than sitting around in a temperature-controlled environment all day, so they're definitely not for everyone. But if you can handle the conditions and the physical labor, then you can make a boatload of money in a short time. Plus, good landscapers are always in demand, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding work no matter what the season. Landscaping jobs have helped me pay my tuition through two years of college and will hopefully take me well beyond that in the future.


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