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Passive Income - When Money Just Flow Into Your Bank Account

The internet is one of the best vehicles in which to earn passive income. Let's see how. Let's say you have a blog, the subject area of which is environmental issues. You do it for the fun of it, but it's not generating any income. By advertising other web site's products, you can actually make a living from your blog. Hey, you say! You don't want to clutter up your beautiful blog with a bunch of advertisements! The fact is, you can enhance the look of your site with classy, quality links that are good looking graphics and generate more traffic to your site.

There's a big array of products associated with your subject, and you can earn a commission on every product sold to your visitor who clicked through to their site from your web site advertisement. Depending on the product and the vendor, the passive income earned in commissions can be sizable, sometimes 30 – 50% of the sales price.

People who are reading your blog are naturally interested in your subject, right? Well these same people may have more than a passing concern for the subject and are eager to learn more.

For example, you can go to online booksellers and hand-pick books that you find of special interest to your readers. Then, check out the bookseller's affiliate program (usually a link at the bottom of the page) to see what their commissions are, and join the program.

They'll offer various pre-made ads, coding and all. You just pop this on your page, and every purchase of the book from your link pays you a commission.

Affiliate programs typically offer a pre-made ad, but if you're into graphic design, you can make your own. (Use .gif files, for quick loading.) With this design talent, you can actually increase the visual appeal of your site with your own custom design. You can use color to create a consistent and complementary background in an artful layout.

Think of the environmental and eco-friendly products your readers might buy. You are in total control of what you will or won't advertise. Choose products that you personally feel are quality and worthwhile products. This will increase your credibility with your readership. All the while, you're earning passive income, which can add up!

Another way in which any web site owner can earn passive income include writing articles on your subject. Offer them them to ezine publishers in exchange for your byline. More passive income. In this case, the more the merrier!


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