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Sample Cover Letters

Sending out your resume can be a nightmare for many.   Even people who are otherwise good writers often have a lot of difficulty talking about themselves.  Figuring out the best way to organize and record your experience to create the right impression with your resume can be  hard enough, but writing a professional cover letter is even harder.  That is why so many people benefit from looking  at a sample cover letter.

Any career counselor will be able to provide you with sample cover letters, as well as with advice on how to write them.  As a career counselor myself, I know how hard it is to ask for this help, but it can make a world of difference.  Not only can career counselors show you sample cover letters, but they can also coach you step by step through how to write your own cover letter.  Using template cover letters, they can show you the basic forms and help you present yourself in a way that creates the best impression possible.

Although it is harder to learn how to do it yourself from just looking at a sample cover letter, for many people this is the best approach.  There is growing evidence that a lot of people learn the best when they get to figure it out themselves.  Look at other peoples sample cover letters, and trying to find out how they apply to you and how you can change them to make them better.  This can actually be a fun experience.  More importantly, when the pressure is on and you have to get in your cover letter resume as soon as possible, it can be a much quicker solution than seeking out the services of a career counselor.

Honestly, the most important thing you have to realize when you look at sample cover letters is that there are only two factors that go into a quality introduction.  A cover letter must convey the right attitude, and it must exhibit the right language.  Good sample cover letters are well written in a tone that is formal and respectful, yet approachable.  Most of all, they show that you would be a good professional and an asset to the company.

Of course, before you send out your resume and cover letter, no matter how good you think they are, you need to have someone proofread them.  This is the only way to catch any mistakes you make.  Nothing makes you look worse to a potential boss or director of hiring than typos.


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