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Starting Salaries - What To Expect For Your Major

We all want a job doing what we love. This is only natural considering that we'll spend a good 40 hours a week doing it. That's a large portion of our lives, if you sit and think about it. Especially since most people can't retire until they hit their sixties. What does this all mean? It means you want to choose a field you enjoy and go after a good position. And you may want to consider starting salaries while you're at it. With different fields come different paychecks. You need one that will support your lifestyle.

When folks graduate from college, they're typically stoked. Finally all the mess of early morning classes, homework galore and exams are done with. It's time you moved forward in your life and began searching high and low for a job. And I mean a real job. After all, you're a college graduate now. Well, one thing you may want to do is compare starting salaries. This is an easy task now days. Your personal computer and Internet service can get you well on your way. If you chose chemical engineering as your major/specialty, then find out what the starting salaries are for chemical engineers here in the US. The last time I checked, they were around 50-55 grand. Or maybe you're destined to become a writer. This can be tricky if you have no idea what sort of writing you're interested in. If all fails, you can always try freelance work. There is quite a bit of it advertised on the web. Freelance writers with a college education can make 50-100 dollars an hour.

If you're one of those individuals that thrive off of capital and major income, then you should probably research any and all jobs you have in mind before actually choosing a major in college. All majors are not created equal. Engineers fresh out of college are generally making more dough than mass communications majors and liberal arts students. It pays to do your research concerning starting salaries before you start vying for that job position. It may or may not be able to support your lifestyle. Unfortunately what we love most in life doesn't always pay the bills like we hope it will.


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