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Student Summer Job Could Be An Adventure

Student summer jobs are when we should try something new. There are summer job opportunities doing things you could not even imagine. One year, for example, I worked as an Alaskan fisherman. I actually made more money that summer than I would have working in human resources, and it was such an adventure. more...

Summer Job Opportunities

Many kids are now looking for summer job opportunities that allow them to get outside and enjoy the warm weather while making a few extra dollars. more...

Landscaping Jobs

Landscaping jobs are perfect for me for several reasons. First, there is work available all year round. From planting flowers and shrubs in spring to cutting grass in the summer, raking leaves in the fall, and clearing away snow in the winter, I knew that I would always have something lined up whenever I had time off from school. more...

Jobs for Students in the USA

There are lots of jobs for students located across the country for teenagers and college students, including part-time and summer employment, or work study programs. Part-time jobs for high school students aren’t just limited to mowing lawns, babysitting, and paper routes. There are opportunities through schools and the local government for summer help with kids’ recreation and activities programs, such as sports camps, Scout camps, arts and crafts days, field trips, and other sponsored summer youth events. A minimum age requirement differs from state to state for teenagers and it also depends on what type of job is involved more...

Looking for a Part Time Job?

Why are you looking for a part time job?  Perhaps you are a student and you need to put a little bit of extra cash in your bank account over the summer.  You may be a stay at home mom whose children are spending part of their days in school now and you want to contribute to the family income but be available for your children when they come home from school.  Or you may just want to supplement your income to pay off some bills or save up for Christmas.  Whatever your reason may be, a part time job can provide you with the cash you need without infringing on the important things in your life. more...


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