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Student Summer Job Could Be An Adventure

It is amazing the number of opportunities that are available if you don't need that much and money. This is especially true with summer job opportunities. When I was a student, I had to work hard to make it. I would study hard all year long, and I had a work study human resource job. In the summer, however, things were different. I did not have to pay any tuition, you see. I did not have room and board either. I could take any summer job opportunity that I wanted, provided that it gave me enough money to survive on. The possibilities were endless!

My regular student job was based on making the most money possible in the limited amount of time that I worked. The summer jobs I did were all about having adventures.  If you are a student and you take summer job opportunities with the intention of making a lot of money, you are a sucker. After all, you have your whole life to put your nose to the grindstone. Student summer jobs are when we should try something new. There are summer job opportunities doing things you could not even imagine. One year, for example, I worked as an Alaskan fisherman. I actually made more money that summer than I would have working in human resources, and it was such an adventure. Another time, I worked at a summer camp counselor. I can't say it paid that well, but once the campers went to sleep it was nonstop fun.

The best way for you to find summer job opportunities is by networking. You never know what your friends will be doing. Sometimes, one will get just the right lead. For example, there are summer job opportunities as a river rafting guide that are very hard to come by. The amount of training you need is minimal, and if you are in fairly good physical condition you can learn how to do it very quickly. The problem is that, in order to get these summer job opportunities, you need the right connections. You need a friend with an in. If you find just the right person, it you could have it made. Having the right summer job opportunities means that work feels like play for three solid months. Why be in an office when you could be outside exploring nature and getting paid to do it instead?


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