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Summer Job Opportunities

When school lets out for the summer many teenagers find themselves facing a few months with nothing to do. The first few weeks of summer vacation are usually spent lounging around and sleeping in until noon, but even a lazy seventeen or eighteen-year-old will grow bored of that routine. Many kids are now looking for summer job opportunities that allow them to get outside and enjoy the warm weather while making a few extra dollars.

Any parent of a teenager can attest to the fact that their youngsters need money. If it’s not used for gas for their car it will be used for clothing. Teenagers are often caught wishing for a new pair of jeans or a pair of sneakers that everyone has. With summer job opportunities they can make their own money which helps take some of the burden off their parents.

Although many fast food restaurants and discount stores are always on the look-out for young people who want a job, there are other opportunities available as well. When summer vacation begins many parents are scrambling to find an affordable child care option for their little ones.

If a teenager has training in first aid, this can be an ideal short term job for them. They can place an advertisement in the local paper a few weeks before summer vacation is set to begin. Summer job opportunities in the child care field are perfect for many young people as it allows them to still feel young while building their sense of responsibility. They can offer either in home child care or they will baby sit if the children are brought to their house.

Along the same thread summer camps are often in need of junior counselors in June, July and August. The counselors need to be a few years older than the campers and it’s preferable if they have some experience with a camp setting. Many times these summer job opportunities will be offered to specific people because of their close association with the camp. For a teenager who aspires to be a teacher or a daycare worker this is wonderful experience.

Some communities now also offer a series of day camps for local school age children. These are much like traditional camps save for the fact that the children go home each night. These programs need young counselors as well so this is one of the summer job opportunities that would really appeal to a teenager who wants to sleep in their own bed each night. 

Once a child has spent a summer working it’s likely that they’ll want to do the same thing next year. Kids love having their own spending money. It makes them feel proud and it also shows them that they are capable of holding a job and taking care of their own business. This is a priceless lesson that every teenager should learn.


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