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Decided to live and work in the USA? Living and working in a foreign country is always an exciting thing. Some of us are bitten by the travel bug right at birth. Well, for starters, you need to understand more about the concept of living and working abroad. That’s why you need to find all immigration information.  For most people who want to live and work in the United States, they need to have something known as a H1B visa. This makes their presence in the country legal and ensures that they have all the immigration information that will keep them on the right side of the law.

Depending on how they like it here and also based on whether they want to apply for it, they have the right to secure what is commonly known as a green card. Immigration information also tells us that after a few years, if they so desire and meet the qualifying criteria, they can opt to be American citizens! Now that’s what you call immigration information!

Immigration information essentially allows us to know about the expectations of various countries and informs us about the rules and regulations that will define our life and work there. It is important for a person to have all this immigration information at the very outset in order to prevent any nasty surprises. Imaging you having to sell your house and uproot yourself only to discover that your work permit hasn’t come through and that you will not be able to live in the exotic destination you had chosen. Believe me, it can be heart wrenching.

For the sake of clarity, I have been including working passes under the immigration information you need to have. This is because most potential immigrants essentially start off as workers. Once they have been in the foreign land for sufficiently long, they then gather more immigration information to make the transition from an employment pass holder to a permanent resident and then, depending on their state of mind and wish, a citizen of the country that they have chosen to live and work in.


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