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What You Have To Know About Human Resource Department

Though I do not work in an office, I am well aware of what the human resource department is supposed to do. Most of the time they deal strictly with hiring, firing, and dealing with the employees at any given company. Though smaller companies may not have a separate department for this, most midsize and larger companies do. This is to take a lot of the work of dealing with employees off of the shoulders of management who should be concentrating on business. The only time I have ever had to deal with a human resource department was when I was searching for a job after college. About half of the interviews I had to do were done through the human resource department. I found these interviews to be rather awkward, because I knew I was not interviewing with the person I would be working with. Most of the time this department will do the initial string of interviews, and recommend people to come in for second interviews. If you can get through the first interview, you will be called back to be interviewed by the person you will be working for, though this is not true for every company.

I have a friend who works as a temp. She has had a lot of recent experience with the human resource department at her current company. Because she is a temp, she often has to deal with human resources when she goes in for a new assignment. For the most part, the human resource department in each company she has worked for has been a positive experience for her. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. One particular company made her think she had walked into an alternate universe.

My friend had a coworker who refused to allow her to use the restroom. When she presented her problem to the human resource department she was met with opposition. As a woman, she knew there were days when she would have to use the bathroom more than just once. It baffled her that the human resource department was comprised of women, yet they did not seem to understand this. She cut her losses and moved on to another job where hopefully the employees will treat her a little more like a human being. In the end, if you work for a company that treats you badly, and human resources isn’t much help, you may know it is time to move on. They are meant to be a liaison between employee and employer, but sometimes the system breaks down.


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