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Workers Compensation Settlement

There is a lot of attention given to the volume of frivolous lawsuits nowadays. You see it all the time in the news. Everyday there is another news report about someone who is injured doing something stupid and is rewarded with a large cash settlement.  There is a point to all of this coverage. Our justice system is important, and it should not be abused by people who are just looking at to make a quick buck. Nonetheless, sometimes people get injured and really deserve money for their injuries. I know. I was crippled on the job, and if not for my workers compensation settlement, I would be penniless.

The worker's compensation commission in my state is notoriously pro business. They avoid giving decent workers compensation settlements whenever they can. When a broken machine chopped off my hand, i was offered a pittance. I was offered $10,000 dollars and an early retirement for my troubles. It was ridiculous. The settlement workers compensation refused to even acknowledge the fact that my boss was negligent. The factory did not have the necessary safety equipment, after all. Needless to say, I hired a lawyer. I hesitated, because I did not want the trouble of a lawsuit, but it seemed like the only way that I had a chance of getting justice. It turns out that I was right. If I had not hired a job injury attorney, I never would have gotten a decent workers compensation settlement.

The great thing about trying to get a workers compensation settlement through the courts is that the juries tend to be pro-worker. A lot of the time, the opposing lawyers will try to scare you into settling out of court. They argue that their lawyers are the best, which they are. What they don't tell you is that, despite their good lawyers, it is still possible to get a good workers compensation settlement through the courts.

Your average jury is heavily working class, and many of them will probably know what it is like to work under a negligent boss. This makes them more receptive to your workers compensation settlement claim. Whatever the industry bosses say, don't give in. You have a right to a workers compensation settlement for your injury. If you have been wronged, and you have a decent attorney, the chances are that you will get a workers compensation settlement that is more generous than anything you would be offered without one. It is alright to settle your workers comp claim outside of court, but make sure that it is a fair settlement.


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