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Need Resume Help?

If you can step back and figure out what is wrong with your approach to job hunting, a rewarding career might just be right around the corner. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of resume help. more...

ESL Schools

Whether you are completely new to English, or want to brush up on your language a little bit and improve your pronunciation, ESL schools are a great way to go. An ESL program can run anywhere from a week to a year, but the principle is the same. You are there to learn English, and that is it. more...

Career Information

The reality is it's hard to decide on a specific career move. What if we end up hating the job, or realize we're no good at it? These are anxieties that most of us struggle with at some point. So here's the deal; what you may need is some real-life career information and experience. See and understand what a particular field really entails. more...

Editing Jobs

When my friends used to ask me what I was going to do with a degree in English, I always used to tell them that I aspired to become a professor. However, once I discovered the lucrative editing jobs available to grammar geeks like me, my focus turned to a different aspiration. more...

Green Card Benefits

One of the most valuable green card benefits is the opportunity for education sponsorship.  With green card benefits, children are allowed to attend school free of charge and anyone over 18 years of age may submit a request for a grant or paid tuition. A tuition grant will pay for some of your college expenses. more... 

Temporary Placement Agencies

Traveling around the world and living a carefree life in my 20s and 30s, I probably worked in every position that temporary placement agencies offer. You see, I have never been a very grounded person. more...

Starting Salaries - What To Expect For Your Major

If you're one of those individuals that thrive off of capital and major income, then you should probably research any and all jobs you have in mind before actually choosing a major in college. All majors are not created equal. Engineers fresh out of college are generally making more dough than mass communications majors and liberal arts students. more...

Sample Cover Letters

Figuring out the best way to organize and record your experience to create the right impression with your resume can be  hard enough, but writing a professional cover letter is even harder.  That is why so many people benefit from looking  at a sample cover letter. more...

Nursing Employment Opportunities

Anyone who has the dream of becoming a nurse may wonder what nursing employment opportunities are available. The good news is that there are plenty. In fact, many hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics are in great need of good nurses. One of the nursing employment opportunities is a little different from the rest. more...

College Student Credit Card

Nothing strikes fear in a parent’s heart like the concept of a college student credit card. A student might find the credit to be a wonderful new adventure but he might not really have a grasp about what it really means to be in debt. more...

College Course Online

A lot of people think that the only reason to take a college course online is to get a distance learning degree. Although there are many distance learning programs that revolve around online college courses, this is not the only reason to take one. A lot of people decide to take  college courses online because they simply love learning. more...

Bad Credit Student Loan Is Possible To Find

Paying for college as an adult can be an overwhelming predicament, especially if the past credit history is less than perfect. Before you write off continuing your education you may want to consider a bad credit student loan. You can still get financing no matter what black marks you have in your history. more...

Workplace Privacy

Each person might think of a different thing when they think about workplace privacy. As computers became more popular, email became a major form of communication within the workplace. more...

Jobs for Students in the USA

There are lots of jobs for students located across the country for teenagers and college students, including part-time and summer employment, or work study programs. Part-time jobs for high school students aren’t just limited to mowing lawns, babysitting, and paper routes. more...

Letter Of Recommendation

I am in charge of hiring staff for a large mental health center. One applicant was granted an interview based on a letter of recommendation that was written by a former employer. I had been very impressed with the statements that were made. more...

Selling On The Internet - Making Money At Home In Your Jammies

Back in the day, oh so long ago, it was just a too good to be true idea that you could make a living just sitting at home in your jammies if you so desired, kicking back with a cup of coffee in front of your computer. Some people would call that a “pipe dream”. Well, today, it's possible. Selling on the internet is a reality. more...

Effective Leadership Skills Are The Keys To Success In The Corporate World

I suppose effective leadership skills means the inclination and ability to tell grown men how to do the job that they were hired to perform.  I suppose I do lack effective leadership skills, because I am unwilling to micromanage. more...

Working With Modeling Agencies - Find The Right One To Succeed

Aspiring models attend seminars, open calls and auditions in order to get their portfolio seen and admired by anyone who is important. Some of those aspiring individuals end up finding the perfect modeling agencies for them and end up having their dreams come true. Others end up finding modeling agencies that are pretty much a complete waste of time. more...

Incorporating a Small Business

It may sound strange to say, but incorporating a small business can be scary. I have been a business advisor for many years, and I have led many clients to incorporate a small business. Many of them are very hesitant to. more...

Passive Income - When Money Just Flow Into Your Bank Account

Wouldn't you like to have money flow into your bank account from sales where you had just one product, which shipped itself and could be sold again and again, with virtually no effort on your part? Who would say no? This is not one of those stories that are “too good to be true”. This is called passive income. more...

Freelance Opportunities

Today’s work environment is much different than it was even a decade ago. More and more people are opting out of the 9-to-5 world to pursue a career from home. For them the key to their success is finding lucrative freelance opportunities. more...

Maternity Leave - Should You Worry About Your Job?

This is a common concern for women when going on maternity leave. Though the law is supposed to protect them, there are loopholes that women often fall through. This is a sad state of affairs, and it’s sad that it is such a worry here. Other countries offer more time than the US for maternity leave, and the women rarely worry about coming back and finding themselves replaced. more...

Why It Is Vital To Read The Employee Policy Handbook

When you start a new job, or if you are a boss and hiring new employees, you definitely have to worry about making sure you understand the employee policy handbook. This is made to make sure that everyone knows all of the rules and policies, and if there are any problems of any sorts between management and employee, this book can be used as a guide to settle the problem or dispute. more...

Opening A Restaurant?

If you are opening a restaurant, you are probably embarking on one of the most exciting times in your life. Like any new business, you have to take your time and make sure you get it just right. If you open up with the bare essentials and without putting a lot of thought into who you are and what you want to offer to the public, you may find that you fall flat rather quickly. more...

University In America

For those of us growing up abroad, going to a university in America is a dream come true. Although there are many international students in some of the best universities in America, they actually represent a tiny portion of the number who want to get in. more...

Entertainment Jobs

What is it with Hollywood? It seems like everyone wants to go there so badly. Is it that great to act in films? You know, it may not be at all what you think. It's certainly prudent to take a few drama classes prior to tackling Tinsel town. Hone your craft before you head to the big auditions. more...

How To Start A Cleaning Service

No matter what the economy is doing, houses are still being cleaned, and the classifieds attest to the fact that there are people who are willing to pay for this service. Knowing how to start a cleaning service is really all you need to get started. more...

Graphic Design Portfolio - Packaging Counts!

Once I had a professional looking graphic design portfolio, people looked at me differently.  They no longer saw me as a students, but as a professional – someone to do business with. That graphic design portfolio changed my life. more...

Student Summer Job Could Be An Adventure

Student summer jobs are when we should try something new. There are summer job opportunities doing things you could not even imagine. One year, for example, I worked as an Alaskan fisherman. I actually made more money that summer than I would have working in human resources, and it was such an adventure. more...

Diploma Courses

When I decided that I had to go back to school to earn a different degree than the one that I had, I initially discounted diploma courses as something that wouldn’t do me any good. more...

What You Have To Know About Human Resource Department

I was searching for a job after college. About half of the interviews I had to do were done through the human resource department. I found these interviews to be rather awkward, because I knew I was not interviewing with the person I would be working with. more...

Working In New York Advertising Agency

Working in a New York advertising agency is one of the most difficult, and potentially one of the most lucrative jobs available. On the one hand, there is plenty of money available for New York marketing. Some of the biggest businesses in the world are there to sell to some of the richest consumers. more...

Job Title Description

I was completely psyched for the interview. The job title description sounded thrilling. They were looking for something that they called a “creative consultant.” Apparently, the job was to help clients to come up with alternate ideas for managing their business models. more... 

Job Interview Tips

Interviews are never easy- and most people find them to be the most stressful thing when looking for employment. Even those who have gone on a number of interviews still find them to be harrowing experiences. However, there are a number of interview tips that can help make your experience less daunting and more successful. more...

How To Answer Job Interview Questions

It seems a no-brainer to go through a preliminary job application process, fill out the requisite forms, graciously accept a job interview invitation, dress appropriately, and answer job interview questions…and voila! Get the gig.  But one part of that process, the step where you answer job interview questions, that is, requires a bit more attention and thought, or practice, even…before actually going through with the act. more...

How To Write A Cover Letter

A great cover letter is the most important thing when you are applying for a new job. Even more influential than your resume, a cover letter decides whether or not you get an interview. The purpose of the cover letter is for you to introduce yourself, get the employer's attention and tell him or her how you are going to make their life easier. more...

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

You don’t hear about sexual harassment in the workplace as much as you used to, but it still happens. At one time, these cases made big news, because this type of thing was rather new. It’s not that sexual harassment in the workplace had never happened before; it was just that it was finally being recognized as a problem for both men and women. The problem with dealing with this sort of thing is that there is a very fine line, and many don’t know where that line starts or where it ends. more...

Unemployment Benefits

If you find yourself fired or laid off, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you quit your job on a whim, I am pretty sure that you are not going to get any benefits. However, if your parting with your employment was not your fault, you can get help until you secure another job. more...

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